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If you are willing to become my friend, you have to be screened.

I always appreciate when there are options in life. Therefore I made options of screening.


You can choose from:

1/ References from at least two reliable companions you met during last 12 months. Provide me with their websites and emails. I will, afterwards, ask for a feedback.

2/ LinkedIn profile (with your public photo, company name and position) + your company email + you have to send me an email from your company email address. I will provide you my discreet email address upon request. All conditions have to be met, otherwise choose another Screening option!

3/ Gift according to my choice. A link for discreet payment will be sent to you. + Verification phone call (after I receive confirmation of the gift).

Please, let me know when are you free for a quick call.

Never met a companion girl? Pick option 2 or 3. 

Do not want to share personal information? Pick option 1 or 3.

Do not want money involved? Pick option 1 or 2.

There are no exceptions for initial meeting, do not ask for them. This way I avoid unreliable people. I am well reputable companion lady and I have no intention of damaging my reputation by using any of above in my favor.

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