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Exclusive overnight

We meet, get know each other and the rest is up to you...

Diner & breakfast included.

up to Twelve hours € 1 700

Available for Prague and Worldwide (Flights up to 3 hours).

Prague private walk & Dessert

Explore Prague with me. I know places, which you will not find alone. Let me be your private guide. We can have a lunch or dinner in a nice local restaurant and then continue...

up to Six hours  € 1 300 

Cocktail & Dessert

Perfect as brief introduction when you are too busy...

Let's have a drink and some nice time together...

up to Four hours  € 1 000

Available for Prague.

Lunch/Diner & Dessert

Dedicated for real gentleman.

Have a lunch or diner and some private time...

up to Four hours  € 1 000

up to Six hours € 1 300

Available for Prague.

Perfect weekend/two days

Let's relax in spa, discover new city together, have a massage and enjoy each other... With fine food and maybe some shopping, finding new places in the city and maybe on each other?

Two days  € 3 000​

Available for Prague and Worldwide.

Sweet escape

We relax with A LOT of private time, amazing breakfasts in bed (if you like it as I do), fine diners, maybe some shopping and anything you wish to do... 

You will feel like new person

Up to one week  € 7 000

Available for Prague and Worldwide.

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