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If we never met before, you might be asking how does it work with me...

These steps are a guidance for my new friends.

Once all steps are completed, the only thing I'll ask is when and where!

Can't wait! xxx

"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all."

-Helen Keller-

Step One

Learn who is Czech Sara.

* Read about me, Why you should choose me and Frequently asked questions

* See how I look! Gallery, Twitter, Instagram. I do not use social media much due to my privacy. 

* If you are still hesitating, read my reviews.

Step Two

All is great, right? I need to know about you too.

Screening is required. Do not be afraid, maybe it sounds scary, but it is easy and simple. I take care of your privacy, as well as of mine. The screening process takes only few minutes and gives you the key to spend unconditional minutes with me! :) Fill out this Screening form. Without going through screening process, we cannot move ahead. 

Step Three

Get to know if I am available! :) 

Simply fill out the request form. It is the easiest way to get in touch with me and allows me to be well organized.

Step Four

Once we agree to meet at certain date and certain place, symbolic deposit is required.

The deposit varies depending on where we meet, when we meet and if I have to travel. All deposits are 'anonymous' - we do not share each others details anywhere. :) 

Optional Step Five

Details - even the smallest detail can make big impression...

Every lady loves receiving surprises. I will not pretend it is not true! :) And it does not matter if it is candle, flowers, book or a set of lingerie. It is about the feeling, vibe and creating the positive connection between you and me. :) Kindly ask for details and options.

Step Six (my favourite!)

Let's enjoy our date! <3 

See you soon,     Sara

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