How can I communicate with you?

Please, always contact me on my email book @ or through the request form here.   I do not accept bookings through Whatsapp or SMS. Email is the best way how to communicate with me, as I can always find all information about our date. :) Please, when sending an email, always include all necessary details, which you can find here, it helps me to make our conversation smoother. Communication through phone is only possible when agreed in advance.

Are your photos real?

Yes, all my photos are real. There is no reason why I should use fake pictures. I am a professional companion and my reputation is build on trust and professionality. You can always read my reviews here, TER or Captain69, where you can find out how other people see me. :) In case it is necessary, I can prove, that all pictures are mine, just send me an email. All photos were taken in photo studios or hotels in Prague.

Can you send me real pictures/selfie?

All my photos - both professional and selfies - are real. I do not send photos with my face due to my privacy and safety. Please, respect that. In case it helps, I can send you a selfie with something covering my face. :)

Are you really a student?

Yes, I am. Education is very important for me, I love learning new things and developping my mind. I like to keep myself busy. "This" is my real hobby, but education is more important for me. 

Are you discreet?

Yes. Discretion is the most important aspect between both of us. I require to be discreet and respectful with me and you can expect the same from me. What happens between as, always stay between us. :) Also notice, I am not looking for boyfriend. I am professional and you can be sure, I wouldn't contact you in any other than agreed way. I expect the same from you. Thank you. :)

What is your favorite date? Where can I invite you?

My preffered type of date is to gor for a walk, stop in a restaurant, which we find randomly, for a nice diner or lunch, continue to your hotel, where we have a drink at the bar and we follow to your hotel room. I also enjoy dining at beautiful restaurants where reservation in advance is required. If you need a help with choosing one, do not hesitate to contact me. If we have more time for each other, I also enjoy SPA together, exploring the city, visiting museums or small shopping.  

 how you the city and non-touristic places. I also accept invitations for dates all over Czech republic or outside of the country. I am also relaxing companion for your holidays, both short and long stays. Most often London, Vienna or Brno, as well as long distance Maldives, Bali or Dubai. I love nature and I accept bookings for ski holidays. You can check my