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How can I communicate with you?

Please, always contact me on my email or encrypted email I do not accept bookings through Whatsapp or SMS or via calls. Email is the best way to communicate with me, as it is easier and well arranged for me. :) For initial contact, please, fill out the Screening process here and the request form here - in case you are not sure about date, place etc, insert approximate information. Emails from people who did not go through Screening process, will not be answered. Communication through phone is only possible when agreed in advance - after screening process, communicating through email or once we are long term friends.

Are you discreet?

Yes, 100 %! And that's why people choose me and that's why I have mainly long term friendships. Discretion is the most important aspect between both of us. I require you to be discreet and respectful with me and you can expect the same from me. What happens between as, always stay between us. :) Also notice, I am not looking for a boyfriend. I am professional and you can be sure, I wouldn't contact you in any other than agreed way. I expect the same from you. Thank you. :)

You and Me

What kind of people you do not meet?

Better if I say, who I meet! I love meeting new people, exploring new cultures, discussions over interesting topics... Do not be afraid, if you never met any companion girl, you will see you can feel comfortable with me. :) 9 out of 10 people told me, they felt like they know me since forever. I know how to adjust myself in different situations, I have broad knowledge of different topics, I love understanding others and I am also great listener. I believe there is no good or bad, everybody is unique and that is why I love life.

But as I have to go back to the original question... The only kind of people I do not meet are people who find enjoyment in drugs and too much alcohol and/or are mentally unstable in terms of not respecting my privacy and boundaries or people trying to explain me that I should not do what I do. In such scenarios, I will leave you during our meeting without any possibility of refund. I am also not looking for a boyfriend, however I look for long term friends with benefits. :)

What is your favorite date? Where can I invite you?

My preferred type of date is to gor for a walk, stop in a restaurant, which we find randomly while walking around the city, for a nice diner or lunch, continue to your hotel, where we have a drink at the bar and we follow to your hotel room. I also enjoy dining at beautiful restaurants where reservation in advance is required. If you need a help with choosing one, do not hesitate to contact me. If we have more time for each other, I also enjoy SPA together, exploring the city, visiting museums or small shopping.

I also accept invitations for dates all over Czech republic or outside of the country. I am also relaxing companion for your holidays, both short and long stays. Most often London, Vienna or Brno, as well as long distance Maldives, Bali or Dubai. I love nature and I accept bookings for ski holidays. You can check my destination wishlist.

I do not enjoy loud parties, over crowded places, too much of alcohol. I do not accept any kind of drugs around me. 

How do you dress and what about your make up? Do you have any enhancements?

I wear comfortable and elegant clothes. I do not wear clothes which are too extravagant and/or 'cheap look clothes' - too short dresses and very high highheels, as we both want to be discreet. However, it does not mean I would not wear it in the hotel room, if you request! I would love to know your preferred style and colours, I will be more than happy to get inspired and look great on our date. :)

I always do my make up light and natural, as I love natural beauty. :) Due to that fact, I do not have any enhancements and I am 100 % natural. I am happy with my body and I enjoy being young and still natural - which is unfortunately very rare nowadays.

Can we meet for a coffee or just for a walk?

Yes! :) I love coffee and walks. I am paid for my time, see my rates.


Are your photos real?

Yes, all my photos are real. There is no reason why I should use fake pictures (Actually I found girls stealing my photos, be sure you contact me only through my website, my prices are fixed and I do not work with any agency!). I am a professional companion and my reputation is build on trust and professionality. You can always read my reviews here, TER or Captain69, where you can find out how other people see me. :) During photoshoots I also take selfies. All photos were taken in photo studios, streets or hotels in Prague. I try to do professional photoshoot every 2/3 months.

Can you send me real pictures/selfies with your face?

All my photos - both professional and selfies - are real and I update them appeoximately every 2/3 months. I do not send photos with my face due to my privacy and safety. Please, respect that and do not ask for exception. Thank you. :)

Are your photos edited?

My photos are only edited in sense of colours, light, cropping and face blurring. I do not photoshop my body. :) 

Me and my life

Are you a student or what do you do?

I recently graduated - I am well educated and I love learning. I am also having my own business. I like to keep myself busy, as that is what keeps me happy and inspirated. I love learning new things and developping my mind.  "This" is my real hobby which is incredibly inspiring me and I enjoy it. :)

What do you do in you spare time?

As mentioned before, I am kind of busy person, I cannot stand doing nothing. I need to grow every day. I am having my own business, so most of my time I dedicate for its growth. I read books along with a cup of tea. I walk on a fresh air, preferrably in the nature. I love yoga - and I do yoga daily. I love cooking and I love healthy food. I am also a creative person. :) Meet me and get to know more! :)

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