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Destination Wishlist

​I love traveling. It can be anywhere as long as the company is great! :)

However, I have my check list! Let me share part of it with you...

Destinations I would love to explore:

  • Japan

  • Iceland

  • Seychelles

  • Scotland


Destination I would love to go back to (again and again) and explore more:

  • I loved South Africa. Safari stays. Sleeping under the stars. I love adventures! What about this safari stay or this breathtaking night? 

  • Bali!

  • Walks on the beach and evenig busy city center with perfect atmosphere... Barcelona, I love you!

  • Rome, Italy. I don't know a city with more monuments. So photogenic!

  • India and their yoga/wellness retreats!

What I love...

  • Weekend stays around Europe

  • Wellness and spa!

  • I know amazing places in Czech republic, let me know! :)

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