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Please, read booking policies before booking a date with me.

I accept only gentlemen, who treat me like a lady, know how to write properly and provide all necessary information.


Please, check carefully the section 'How does it work'


When meeting outside Prague, travel expenses have to be paid in advance - I will guide you - my details are never shared with you. A deposit of approx. 20% of my rate has to be paid while booking a first date = we never met before.

However, Screening is always required for all new friends.

SCREENING (only for friends I never met before)

I always appreciate, when there are options in life. Therefore I made options for everyone and you can choose from:

1/ References from at least two reliable companions you met during last 12 months. Provide me with their websites and emails. I will, afterwards, ask for a feedback.

2/ LinkedIn profile (with your public photo, company name and position) + your company email + you have to send me an email from your company email address. I will provide you my discreet email address upon request. All conditions have to be met, otherwise choose another Screening option!

3/ Gift according to my choice. A link for discreet payment will be sent to you. + Verification phone call. Please, let me know when are you free for a quick call.

Never met a companion girl? Pick option 2 or 3. 

Do not want to share personal information? Pick option 1 or 3.

Do not want money involved? Pick option 1 or 2.

There are no expetions for initial meeting, do not ask for them. This way I avoid unreliable people. I am well reputable companion lady and I have no intention of damaging my reputation by using any of above in my favor. 


Communication with respect, good manners and appropriate vocabulary is vital. I always say that communication is the key in any field of life.

Respect my privacy as well as I respect yours. 

Communication channel for my long term friends or new (already screened) friends: email, phone upon agreement.

Communication channel for new friends - proceed the screening.


Rates are not negotiable and never discussed. I believe my Rates section and Packages section is comprehensible enough. Thank you for understading.

Please, once we meet, put the agreed amount in an open envelope. If we meet in a hotel room, keep the envelope on the desk or in the bathroom. If we start our date at public place, please, put the consideration in a gift bag, book or think about any other secret way.


Deposits are non refundable. In case you cancel more than 72 hours in advance, I can keep the deposit for our another date, in case we would meet in following three months.


Our meeting has to be in 4* or 5* hotel only. Meetings in apartments (Airbnb) accepted only in Prague/Brno/Vienna and if you provide me with Airbnb official confirmation (including your name).

If you have any issue, I can book a hotel for us, however it has to be paid in advance by you.


I can meet you anywhere in the world (if it is legal there). Please note, that the travel expenses have to be fully paid in advance. I will guide you through the whole process, I never give my personal details to anyone. If you are a new client, 20% of my rates has to be paid in advance through a gift card of my choice.

When flying, economy class is possible up to 3 hours flight, for flights longer than 3 hours I recommend business or first class.

When traveling to Germany, Austria, Poland, Slovakia or different place close to Prague, I can sometimes take a train, in this case only

first class is acceptable. 


Overnights and longer meetings: I need at least 7 uninterrupted hours of sleep at night. Please, respect that. In the morning I need 30 minutes to prepare myself.

I always want to look nice for you. :)

On multiple day trips together I ask that we both take a few hours alone for ourselves each daily.


I would love to meet both of you! Please, add € 100 to the total price. Currently I have no friend to join our adventure.

Thank you,     Sara

See my Gallery.

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